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2020 Loggerhead Hatchlings

Loggerhead Hatchlings 2020

Intake: June-

Species: Loggerhead

Reason:  Found in a nest during survey. Washed in by storms or high winds.

Predator attacks.

Gender: Unknown

6/29/2020- First Loggerhead hatchling arrived found in a nest on Long Key.

7/30/2020-Quite a few hatchlings are eating and swimming with no problems.They are ready and waiting for a boat ride and the current tropical storms to pass. The ones in the basket did not pass their swim test.

8/5/2020- Hatchling release day for most of them. 

8/9/2020- Hatchling #29 had to have its front flipper amputated due to severe injury. Nicknamed this one Kermit.

8/29/2020-Hatchling release day. Kermit was released making a total for the day of 32 hatchlings, and post hatchlings released. Plus two new hatchlings came in that day Candy & Sprinkles. Francis a post hatchling was admitted as well. #46 is still with us this was a hatchling that was pipped found in the nest and just needs to get a little stronger with mobility using its front flippers.

9/20/2020-Update: Most of the hatchlings have already been returned to the ocean. Got a few Post hatchling wash backs. Today we received 7 from Ralph, Key West Sea Turtle Club. These little ones were found in the nest, and not quite strong enough to be released.

10/8/2020-The last of the hatchlings were released today.