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2022 Loggerhead Hatchlings

2022 Loggerhead Hatchlings

Intake: June 2022

Species: Loggerhead

Reason:  They get washed back by storms, found inside the nest, dropped by predators, disoriented by lightening. 

Gender: Unknown

6/26/2022: The first three hatchlings were found the morning after the nest hatched. One was found in a swimming pool and two found in the parking lot. That morning there was some heavy storms, and wind that possibly sent them in the wrong direction.

7/24/2022: There have been a few more hatchlings brough into us. So far about 20 in total.

8/31/2022: Some hatchlings have been returned to the ocean by boat, with Richie the founder. Total of 95 have come through the hospital so far.

11/5/22: Released by boat.