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Intake: 5/9/2022

Species:  Kemps Ridley

Weight: 41 lbs ( 18.85 kg)

Reason:  Emaciated/Missing front right flipper

Gender: Unknown

Intake: 5/9/22: Boomer was found here in Marathon, off Coco Plum Dr. The rescuers who were on one of our Guided Educational Programs that morning, and learned about what a sick, and injured turtle looks like. This turtle should weigh about 80-100 lbs. Bender our adult female Kemps Ridley was able to donated blood to her. 

Update: 5/17/22: She is eating for us now. That is a good start to her recovery.

Update: 5/19/22: Deceased. Boomer was found unresponsive in her tank this morning. We are all very sadden by her passing.