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Intake: 6/18/2020

Species: Green

Weight: 225 lbs ( 101.4 kg)

Reason:  Entangled in buoy

Gender: Female

6/18/2020 INTAKE: Bubbles was found entangled in trap line with buoy around back left flipper. She was found at Long Key Bridge by boaters, and the Coast Guard helped in the rescue. She got her name because the boaters were following her bubble trail while she was trying to swim under water. Then she would dive down and pop back up because of the buoy.

6/20/2020 Bubbles had to have the left back flipper amputated.

7/30/2020: Bubbles had a vet visit and got the all clear foe release. She was fitted with her flipper tag and pit tag. Ready for release soon.

8/6/2020: Released by boat with the help from Islamorada USCG.