The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.



Intake: 10/1/2020

Species: Green

Weight:  176.4 lbs (80.01 kg)

Reason:  Entanglement & FP

Gender: Female

10/1/2020: Intake: Charlie was found in the waters of Islamorada and entangled in a trap line around a large tumor on its back flipper.

10/3/2020: Update Dr. Brooke removed that tumor that weighed 6 lbs.

10/30/2020: Charlie still has more surgeries to go, we are just waiting for his/her health to improve.

11/6/2020: Charlie had a visit with Dr. Brooke today and she did an endoscope, and tumor removal. Charlie is a girl. Still more surgeries to go but progressing in recovery.

1/29/21: Charlie got her jewelry (flipper tags) the other day and is soon to be released.

2/3/21: Charlie was fitted with a satellite tracker and released from Sombrero Beach.