The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.



Intake: Summer of 2021

Species: Loggerhead

Gender: Unknown

3/1/2022: This little loggerhead came to us the summer of 2021. The hospital often gets hatchlings for many different reasons. They can washback to shore from storms, they get disoriented by artificial lighting. Other reasons they end up at the hospital is predators will drop them, and they eat trash. Only one in about 600 will survive their first few years of life. In two years this turtle will grow to about two feet long, at that point its biggest predator will be a shark.

6/16/2022: Happy World Sea Turtle Day! Cheese is being super cheesy for his picture. His innocent smile will get you every time. Cheese is like a new puppy and wants to bite on everything he can.

  9/26/2023: Released in Marathon waters.