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Intake: 8/31/2020

Species: Loggerhead

Weight:  106 lbs ( 48.5 kg)

Reason:  Entanglement

Gender: Unknown

8/31/2020: Intake: Boaters found this turtle floating and entangled in monfilament line. The turtle dove under the water and a diver named Chuck from Captain Hooks marina dove down to cut the line and free the turtle. 

9/1/2020: Update: Dr. Doug Mader amputated the severely damaged flipper, and is now resting in its tank. 

9/18/2020: Chuck is doing well, and has been moved to a larger tank full of water. Chuck has started eating better for us too.

10/9/2020: Swimming well and eating well, just needs more time for wound to heal.

12/8/2020: Released at Sombrero Beach.