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Intake: 4 /17/2020

Species: Loggerhead

Weight: 173 lbs (78.9 kg)

Reason:  Boat strike to head

Gender: Female

4/17/20 INTAKE: this turtle was found in Islamorada, not far from Robbies in the mangrove area. Boat strike to top of head and continuing through the front of her face.

4/20/20 Update: Had an ultrasound, and egg follicles were found. It is possible she might have already have nested once. 

4/28/20 Update: Saw Dr. Doug today. Had a scope through the nose to see the damage done by the propeller prop. He also checked out my eye. Nose and face not as bad as we first thought. The eye needs some special care. Also he preformed an ultrasound to see where the egg follicles are and in what developmental stage. Hopeful to get her back to the ocean so she can go to her natal beach to lay those eggs.

6/5/2020 Deceased due to brain complications.