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Con Leche

Con Leche

Intake: 7/7/2020

Species: Green

Weight: 23 lbs (10.8 kg)

Reason:  FP

Gender: Female

7/7/2020: Intake- Con Leche was found found in Big Coppitt Key by our turtle hero George. This green turtle has tumors and algae growing on it’s shell.

7/25/2020: Update: Con Leche had an endoscope and we found out its a girl. Started tumor removal with Dr. Terry as well.

10/30/2020: Con Leche has been tumor free for a while. She is very active and just working on building up her immune system.

11/28/2020: Con Leche was moved to the main pool as she still builds her immune system up.

12/22/2020: Enjoying her time in the main pool. She is always ready to eat and is going to put on weight for the holidays.

2/3/2021: Con Leche was released from Sombrero Beach Today!!!!