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Dare Devil

Dare Devil

Intake: 4/3/19

Species: Green

Weight: 32 lbs

Reason: FP

4/3/19 Found at Spanish Harbor Marina floating with tumors and entangled in fishing line.

4/26/19 Saw Dr. K the eye doctor on Friday, and she removed those huge tumors from my eyes. I will now get daily eye drops to hopefully improve my vision.

6/10/19 More surgeries today to remove tumors. Getting closer to being tumor free with every tumor that Dr. Terry and Dr. Brooke remove.

6/26/19- Had more surgeries today with Dr. Terry. One more step closer to being tumor free.

9/16/19- Tumor free and swimming in the main pool with the other turtles.

1/2/20- Enjoying the main pool and being able to see.

1/11/2020-Released from Higgs Beach, Key West.