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Eddie (the diver)

Intake: 5/8/2021

Species: Loggerhead

Weight: 187 lbs (85.2 kg)

Reason:  Boat strike/ old predator attack Missing 2 flippers 

Gender: Female

5/8/2021: Intake: Location turtle was found was Key West. Eddie is missing her front right flipper and back left flipper. To top it off she was strck by a propeller on the top of her shell.

5/18/2021: Update she has had her first round of maggot therapy to help clean her deep wound.

6/2/2021: She likes eating lobster tail. Eddie has had her second round of maggot therapy, and is now in a tank with a sprinkler system over her keeping her wet and comfortable.

6/11/2021: Deceased due to complications of her boat strike.