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Arrival: 10/3/16

Species: Green

Weight: 7 lbs

Location: Transfer from Miami Seaquarium

Reason: FP & Entanglement

Gender: Female

BIO: This turtle was rescued in Miami and brought to Miami Seaquarium. This little 7 pound turtle is missing a back flipper, and on her other rear flipper is a baseball size tumor. Fishing line was also entangled around this little green. Hopefully, with care from our staff, she will have tumors removed and be released.

UPDATED: 10/12/16 I had my first surgery, and had the large tumor that was obstructing my only back flipper. I can swim much better now.


UPDATED: 2/2/17 I’m tumor free!!!! Still have a long way to go with healing time.


UPDATED: 3/27/17 Deceased due to internal tumors.