The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.

















Arrival: 2/9/17

Species: Green

Weight: 10 lbs

Location: Marathon

Reason: FP

Bio: Named after the rescuer’s dog.

UPDATED: 2/21/17 Had the huge tumor from my flipper removed. More surgeries to go as soon as I am feeling well enough.


UPDATED: 4/24/17 Tumor free and swimming in a bigger tank with other turtles.

UPDATED: 5/10/17 Looking good tumor free!

UPDATED: 11/5/17 Going through a growth spurt; see how my scutes are outlined.












UPDATED: 3/17/18 Almost ready for release. Got my flipper and PIT tag the other day.












UPDATED: 3/19/18 Released!!!!