The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.



Arrival: 8/21/16

Species: Green

Weight: 215 lbs

Location: Key Largo

Reason: Entanglement

BIO: Kala which in Hawaiian means “Free”. It took a group of people to rescue her out at Molasses Reef. The Roberts family found her with fishing line and buoy line entangled around her flipper and neck. FWC was called to assist getting this 215 pound Green turtle aboard a boat. FWC then met up with the Turtle Hospital ambulance at Whale Harbor Marina for her trip to the hospital. You can view her rescue on the Facebook page of Kawama Yacht Club G on August 30, 2016.

UPDATED: 9/2/16 Doing physical therapy on Kala’s damaged flipper.


UPDATED: 9/10/2016 Kala is recuperating nicely after her major surgery on Saturday. The staff here at the hospital exhausted all efforts, including physical therapy, meds, and laser therapy to save her flipper that was entangled. Unfortunately the flipper had to be amputated. She will need to stay here while it heals, then she’ll be able to be released. Hopefully in a few months!


UPDATED: 10/7/16 Had my check up with Doctor Doug today. Its a team effort to get me out of the water.


UPDATED: 10/7/16 Doctor Doug said I could get my stitches out today. That means I’m getting closer to being released.


UPDATED: 11/2/16 Released