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Mamie Gal

















Arrival: 12/9/17

Species: Green

Weight: 47 lbs

Location: Summerland Key

Reason: FP & Shark Attack

Gender: Female

BIO: The turtle was named after his grandmothers nickname. This turtle has a heavy load of leech eggs. Scratches on the carapace & plastron indicate this turtle was also attacked by a shark.

UPDATED: 1/22/18 Went to the eye doctor to get tumors removed from my eyes. I can see out of one of them for sure.











UPDATED: 3/18/18 More tumors removed, and still more to go.











UPDATED: 6/4/18 Tumor free and swimming in the big pool with the other turtles.











UPDATED: 8/31/18 Getting stronger and healthier every day. Enjoying the main pool with the other turtles.











UPDATED: 2/25/19 Released at Sombrero Beach at 9am.