The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.



Arrival: 8/13/14

Species: Loggerhead

Weight: 110 lbs

Patti was found weak and floating near Marathon, FL. Her diagnosis upon arrival at the hospital was a case of pneumonia, lock jaw, eye ulcers and possible Fibropapilloma tumors. She was extremely weak, lethargic, unable to eat on her own or be left in water. Initial treatments included creating a serum from Patti’s blood to treat her eye ulcers, medications for her pneumonia, physical therapy for her lock jaw and removal or the suspicious ‘tumor’ growths.




Since Patti’s arrival, she has been improving. She was initially being tube fed, but is currently receiving TPN (Total Paternteral Nurtion) treatments three times a day. This is providing her with the proper amounts of lipids, amino acids and other essential nutrients she needs to get better. She still has lock jaw, but is receiving daily physical therapy to help move her jaws and bring the muscles back. She is showing signs of interest in solid food, although she is not able to open her mouth wide enough just yet. The rehab staff have been diligent with giving Patti as much exercise as possible to promote her to swim around in shallow water. This will help make sure she does not lose the ability to swim with her flippers. Things are looking up for Patti and we hope for continual growth for her to be able to one day release back out into the ocean!