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Intake: 4/22/2022

Species: Green

Weight: 11 lbs (5.25 kg)

Reason:  FP & Predator Attack

Gender: Unknown

4/22/2022: Intake: Sonny this green juvenile was found in Key Largo with puncture wound from a shark to its back side and FP tumors.  

5/17/2022: Sonny has been getting wound care from the deep lacerations from the sharks teeth. 

7/25/2022: Sonny had a visit with Dr. Brooke today & wound care. The wounds from the shark are healing well.

11/3/2022: Shark wound has just about all healed up. Sonny was also fitted with flipper tags for release. Date of release is not known yet.-

11/16/2022: Released at Sombrero Beach.