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St. Thomas

Arrival: 10/13/18

Species: Green

Weight: 27 lbs

Location: Big Coppitt Key

Reason: FP

Gender: Male

BIO: This turtle was found by our turtle hero George and is number 30 for his rescues. He named it St. Thomas because he found the turtle on the day of his wedding anniversary, and that is where they were married.





UPDATED: 11/25/18 Had one big tumor removed from behind, and saw the eye doctor to have those tumors removed as well. More surgeries to come.











UPDATED: 1/10/18 Almost tumor free. Getting closer with every surgery.











UPDATED: 1/14/19 Surgery day! Hopefully my last. Now I am tumor free!











UPDATED: 7/9/19 Got my flipper tags and 10 more days to my release day. You can follow me on











UPDATED: 7/19/19 Released from Sombrero Beach. You can follow St. Thomas through and see where he goes.