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Arrival Date: March 13, 2024

Patient Profile

Name: Titanic

Species: Green Sea Turtle

Weight: 34.3 pounds

Reason for visit: Fibropapillomatosis (FP)

Location Found: Transfer Patient from the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, St. Augustine, FL

Status Report

03/13/24: At the turtle hospital we take in sea turtles from all over the state. Today we received a transfer patient from Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience in St. Augustine. Titanic was found on March 3rd, beached, covered in barnacles, lethargic, possible upper respiratory infection, and sick with Fibropapillomatosis (FP). The Whitney Laboratory Sea Turtle Team removed the barnacles and began helping Titanic become more stable. In the coming days Titanic’s personality began to show, becoming more outgoing and loving the attention from his care team. Once Titanic was cleared for travel, the Whitney laboratory Sea Turtle Team gave him a lift to the Florida Keys to continue his care at The Turtle Hospital. Stay tuned for further updates on Titanic.

03/26/24: Titanic is adjusting well to his hospital tank here at The Turtle Hospital. Titanic appears to have an upper respiratory infection and is receiving daily nebulization of antibiotics to help improve his breathing. Rehab staff is also implementing a new diet for Titanic as he is a bit underweight. 

04/19/24: Titanic is eating great! He has gained 3 pounds. His rehab staff report Titanic has lots of energy and is a perfect patient when receiving his wound care from abscesses located on his front flippers. Titanic is continuing to receive additional routine blood work and other diagnostics as the rehab team monitors his condition. Keep up the hard work Titanic!

05/14/24: Continuing to gain weight, Titanic use of his front flippers is also improving. Receiving daily checks on his wounds and supportive care to aid in recovery. Titanic has a big personality for a little guy, never missing a snack time, and loves attention from his rehab team during his exams.

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