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Intake: 12/1/2021

Species: Green

Weight: 14 lbs (6.7 kg)

Reason:  FP

Gender: Female

12/1/2021: Intake: Tortie was found in Sugarloaf Key with a heavy amount of tumors. 

1/31/22: Tortie has had one small round of tumor removal. 

2/25/22: Oh what beautiful eyes you have! Tortie went on a field trip to see Dr. K our veterinary eye doctor. This was her fourth surgery to remove tumors, and she still has a lot more to go. 

5/25/22: Tortie has had over 6 surgeries and looking and feeling fantastic. She is still getting eye drops and wound care. Currently her activity level is high and we don’t want her to feel stressed, so we keep her tank half covered to help keep her calm. Our first priority is the health of the turtle.

7/15/22: Tortie was released today at Sombrero Beach. Fitted with a satellite tracker, and entered a race called Tour De Turtles. You can follow Tortie to see where this juvenile green sea turtle goes.  The race starts on August 1, 2022