Dirk Passes Her First Exam

“Dirk” passed her first exam! Today, Dr. Mader of Marathon Veterinary Hospital performed an endoscope on our newest patient “Dirk” who passed with flying colors! Staff learned that Dirk is a female and fortunately does not have internal growth of Fibropapilloma tumors! If the turtle is found to have internal growth, they are humanely euthanized. Thanks to Dirk’s rescuers Lynne Fieber and Michael Schmale, both Read More →

Lookin’ Good Kobit!

On July 7th one of our newest patients became tumor free! On many occasions, a turtle will need to have several surgeries to remove all of the tumors but for this lucky little girl it was just one procedure. She cleaned up good! Here’s her pre and post surgery pictures….  


Our First Hatchlings Check In!

This morning we were very happy to see that former Turtle Hospital employee, Donna, was dropping by for a visit. We got even more excited when we found out that she had brought along a friend—a freshly hatched Loggerhead sea turtle. Donna now volunteers for Save-A-Turtle, a FL Keys non-profit organization also dedicated to protecting sea turtles. One of the many things Save-A-Turtle volunteers do Read More →



We’re excited to introduce our newest group of turtle heros! The Neiman family was able to scoop out a 12 lbs Green sea turtle yesterday evening right off their dock in Summerland Key. On vacation from Tampa Bay, this big family did an awesome job looking out for young “Kobit”! Kobit was entangled in fishing line and has very large Fibropapilloma tumors. The kids in Read More →


Some Rare Turtles Check in for Treatment

The Turtle Hospital responded to two rescue calls in late June and were successfully able to treat two critically endangered sea turtles. The first was “Leanna” a 100lbs Adult female Hawksbill who was found on 6/16/2014. Leanna had become severely entangled in a rope that was attached to a heavy crab trap. The rope had begun to cut through the bone of the front flipper Read More →

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