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First Hatchlings of 2013

The Hospital’s newest patients can fit right in the palm of your hand! They are three Loggerhead hatchlings found in the Marquesas Keys, an island group about 30 miles west of Key West. FWC covers these islands annually to tally and protect the sea turtle nests. When it’s apparent that the nest has hatched, scientists will dig down to count the amount of hatched eggs and to find any babies that didn’t make it out. These hatchlings appeared to be tangled up in roots preventing them from digging to the surface with their brothers and sisters.


While in our care, we will provide minimal wound care and fatten them up with squid bits. They will need to pass a swim test and be able to eat on their own before giving them a boat ride out to the Gulf Stream to be released. There they can rest, hide, and feed on sea critters that live in large floating beds of Sargassum seaweed. Thanks to Sue Schaf of FWC for bringing these guys in!

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