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A Big Transformation for Pe’e!

Pe e before and after

Hope is now in sight for a sub-adult Green sea turtle named Pe’e. This female turtle came in with a heavy load of tumors including heavy coverage on both eyes. Thanks to Dr. Karpinski, surgery was performed at the Pinecrest Veterinary Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, to remove the bulky tumors from the eyes. For the first time in months, Pe’e is able to see! She will undergo surgeries in the near future to remove the rest of her tumors. Once tumor free for an entire year, it will be back out to sea for this young turtle. Be sure to stop by and see Pe’e!

Surgery and treatments were also performed by Dr. Karpinski on Jared, Jack, Hook, Augustus, Chris, and Emerald. For more information, check out this link to an article written about the surgery day in the Miami Herald:

Miami Herald News Story

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