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Big Upgrades for Little Turtles

Our two loggerhead post-hatchlings, Finn and Fisher, are living large these days.  Both turtles have moved just around the bend from the shallow hatchling tanks to deeper circular tanks.  While the first few months of the life of a sea turtle are spent “going with the flow”–literally–they autonomously learn to dive down later in their first year.  In an effort to encourage this instinctual survival behavior, we are providing these turtles with enough water depth to practice diving.  Eight-month old Fisher is eating off the bottom in 3 feet of water!  As for our “one flipper wonder,” a hearty appetite rules Finn’s practice routines.  The turtle swims hard to make sure no food goes uneaten.

Fisher (right) and Finn (left) are now neighbors in deeper tanks. (Finn seems to have tucked the one wondrous flipper under her shell for the photo shoot.)

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