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Captain Hook Arrives with a lot of Silver!

On the 26th of June we received a call from FWC that they had caught a juvenile loggerhead with a large hook in it’s mouth that needed immediate removal.  The turtle was otherwise healthy and very feisty but the large hook was sticking out of the turtles throat which would definitely prevent him from eating and staying healthy for much longer.

Capt Hook head xray resize

As soon as the patient arrived at the hospital treatment started.  X-rays were taken and a call was immediately made to one of our wonderful vets Dr. Cathy Connelly.  Once we were able to determine the location of the hook exactly by X-rays, Captain Hook was taken into the surgery room.  After about two hours of trying different techniques and loosening the hook Dr. Cathy was able to remove a 3.5 inch stainless steal commercial fishing hook!  One very lucky tour group was able to watch the hook come out and cheer Dr. Cathy on!  Captain was a trooper never undergoing anesthesia for his hook removal.  A PVC block was placed between his jaws to keep his mouth open in order to extract the hook.  Captain never fought our rehabbing staff as if he knew we were trying to help him.


Dr. Cathy Connelly and Hospital Manager Bette Zirkelbach fishing Captain Hook’s hook out

Captain Hook is currently recovering very well considering that large hook that was lodged in his throat.  He is finally eating on his own and is very active in his tank.  After a few doses of antibiotics to avoid any infections, Captain should be back out on his way to the deep blue sea.  For all of you avid fisherman out there, please if you hook a turtle call us here at the Turtle Hospital or Florida Fish and Wildlife.  Do not attempt to remove the hook or any fishing line from the turtle.

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