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Daisy Gets Some Calories

Daisy clears the surface for a breath of air in a shallow water tank. Though the lettuce is right in front of her, she doesn’t have much energy or desire to eat it.

Little juvenile green “Daisy” began getting tube fed today.  Having progressed from a mister to shallow water, she is still not actively eating on her own.  A few bites of lettuce here and there won’t cut it, so we started the tubing process to ensure that she is receiving an adequate intake of calories.  Pedialyte and “turtle chow” mushed together goes down the esophagus like gruel, beginning the digestive process in the stomach.  As her medicinal regimen continues and her energy strengthens, we believe we’ll see even less flipper tremors.

Last week, Daisy had to be positioned under a mister because she was unable to lift her head to breathe. This week has seen some progress with the turtle lifting her head to breathe in shallow water.

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