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“Daisy” Gets Some Sunshine From TH Staff

Daisy was picked up by rescuers Luke and Kevin offshore from the 7 mile bridge.

Juvenile green “Daisy” was found floating 10 miles northwest of Marathon on September 4.  Lori and Kevin called in the turtle from aboard Kevin’s boat.  Daisy is exhibiting signs of possible toxicity such as intense flipper twitching and extreme weakness.  The turtle not only floats, but she floats with her head and flippers listlessly submerged.  This poses her as a high risk for drowning, so she is dry-docked in a tank with a mister positioned overhead.  Treating her with a charcoal remedy and a heavy antibiotic that was also used for head trauma patient “Jill,” we hope that any toxins will be removed.  Some fluids will help flush out her system as well.

Juvenile green “Daisy” is only about 1-foot long! Quivering flippers suggest she may have ingested some toxins at sea.

We are extremely grateful to Daisy’s rescue family.  Hopefully, Daisy will see a full recovery and be catching her own rays of sunlight from below the ocean’s surface sometime in the future.

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