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Fiesta, the Party Girl

Our newest patient, a 200-lb subadult (but nearly adult!) loggerhead, arrived June 21.  During FWC and NOAA’s annual on-water loggerhead round-up, collecting data on the turtle population here in the Keys, crew came across a floater.  With noticeable prop wounds running horizontal to the vertebral scutes, it was obvious that this turtle needed help.  Turtle Hospital rescue team responded and the injured turtle was handed off so that the research could continue, but not before a battle of the minds to decide upon a name for the turtle. “Fiesta” was happily agreed upon based on her stranding location off Fiesta Key.

Radiographs showed sand all throughout the GI tract.  While the prop wound seems to be somewhat of an older ailment, the impaction could have occurred prior to or after the boat strike.  Fiesta is healing in low water with a sprinkler positioned overhead.  Some betadine and honey help to keep the wounds clean!  The spine does not appear to be completely severed, but a nick may have caused partial paralysis in the rear flippers.

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