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“Fitzy” Gets Rescued in Grassy Key

Our newest fibropapilloma patient arrived late this morning after a spotting of the lethargic turtle by locals Kevin and Peggy and their out-of-town friends Pat and Trudy.  The ladies kept an eye on the juvenile green until Rehabber Stacey Venzel arrived in The Turtle Hospital ambulance.  A big shout out to Kevin and Pat who aided in the snorkeling rescue!  “Fitzy”–or, if you prefer, “Fitz” for short–now shares a nickname with Pat Fitzgerald of the rescue family.

Fitzy has a heavy load of tumors, including coverage on both eyes, and has critically low blood chemistry.  The Turtle Hospital is responding with hourly care as needed, hoping that some fluids, medicine and TLC will help Fitzy regain the strength needed for a future endoscope exam.  We hope this green turtle does not have internal tumors, and that our veterinarian’s expertise can save the turtle’s eyes for a full recovery!

Special thanks to the Taylor and Fitzergald couples for being so caring and attentive!  We wouldn’t be able to help sea turtles get better if it weren’t for people like them!

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