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“Good Hope” Takes Her Vitamins

Good Hope is still hanging on after having been through an awful lot in the past 3 weeks. Stabilizing treatment at St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands began in the last week of August, and the turtle has received continued, intensive care at our hospital since her transport on September 1, 2012.

Dr. Doug Mader was in today to assess Good Hope’s condition.  The critically endangered, pregnant hawksbill from St. Croix is now set to receive doses of Vitamin B and C throughout the week.  Though we are trying to keep external physical stressors from inhibiting Good Hope’s recovery process, her body is still in a lot of physical stress due to the wounds and infections as well as the demanding load of eggs inside her that require their own nutrition.  Vit B will replenish some of those nutrients that are more quickly used up during periods of high stress.  Vit C will boost the turtle’s immune system to aid in the healing process.  So for all those little kids out there following Good Hope’s progress, remember: Good Hope takes her vitamins, and you should, too!

Up to now, she has laid 38 eggs of which 32 are incubating as potentially viable.

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