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Good News for Senor!

A turtle nicknamed ‘Senor Fab’ was rescued in early March by a group of students from University of Florida. On their spring break through the university, they were conducting a beach clean up on Greiger Key when they came upon a floating and lethargic turtle in need of help. The second portion of the name, ‘Fab’, is an abbreviation for ‘Florida’s Alternative Break’.


For the first month of his stay, Senor was in shallow water, he floated on his side and was extremely inactive. The turtle was likely suffering from an internal infection which produced gas and forced him to float. After a few weeks of antibiotic treatment, Senor started showing drastic improvement! We were shocked one day when we came in to find him resting on the bottom. We were able to increase his water level and he is now one of the feistiest turtles in our care. We expect blood levels to reach optimal levels in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned for a release date and location for this turtle!



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