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Jill’s Circles are Straightening!

Jill’s neck is almost straight these days, no longer cocked to the left side. Her circle swims have become larger and wider, indicating gradual degrees of improvement.

“Straight circle” sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s a term we’re becoming accustomed to here at The Turtle Hospital.  Two months ago, we welcomed juvenile Green, “Jill,” a head trauma patient who does indeed swim in circles.  Over the past two months, the Rehab team has worked extensively with Jill’s swimming and feeding habits to encourage more normal behavior.  She is receiving daily neck stretches and physical therapy to encourage her to swim in the opposite direction.  Additionally, she has been on a series of medications that seems to be doing the trick!

Back in July, a spinal tap removed some of the excess cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) on the brain.  Jill is also on medication that aims to diminish the amount of CSF putting pressure on the brain.  A daily pill for motion sickness also seems to be helping this turtle straighten out!

When Jill first came in, Rehab staff was having to prise open Jill’s jaw to place food in her mouth.  Nowadays, while still placement feeding most food, Jill’s jaw has loosened up, and she is able to bite at squid as it dangles from tongs!  It seems the combination of medication, therapy and hands-on care are helping this turtle to make improvements.  Though small steps at this point, we anticipate leaps of progress in the months to come!

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