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Keep your eyes open for sick green turtles in the Upper Keys

The Turtle Hospital is asking for your help. Four lethargic juvenile green sea turtles have been found floating close to shore ocean side of the Upper Keys in the past 48 hours and we expect that there are more in that area. These turtles were picked up in the turtle ambulance and brought to the Turtle Hospital for treatment.

The turtles were found floating and unable to dive. Other than bobbing at the surface, they look like a healthy sea turtle from the outside. The sea turtles are a healthy body weight and with the exception of one, they showed no signs of fibropapilloma tumors. Blood test results taken at the Turtle Hospital revealed these sea turtle patients have extremely low, life threatening glucose levels. If you see a sea turtle in distress please call the Turtle Hospital 24 hour stranding phone at 305-481-7669, or FWC 888-404-FWCC.

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