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Little Turtles get some Love!

These four turtles have been growing up together at the hospital. Copper, Bowser, Penny, and Nemo are weighed and measured every Sunday to track their development and to collect growth data! All four will be released in the future.

4 little guys

From left to right: Nemo, Penny, Bowser, and Copper. Nemo is a Green while the other three are Loggerheads. All four hatched in the summer of 2015. Bowser and Copper arrived due to a lighting disorientation and were found in the summer in trouble. Penny and Nemo were found in December 2015.
4 little guys top view
2 little guys
Very interesting to see a Green and Loggerhead side by side at this young age. Their coloration is much different. The Loggerhead shell also has sharp ridges down the center while the Green shell is flat and smooth!

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