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Merry Christmas from The Turtle Hospital!

Santa Rebel wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

If sea turtles had vocal chords, they would be singing you Christmas carols today!  But, thankfully, they are excellent writers. (It’s amazing to watch those flippers fly across the keyboard!) To celebrate the holidays, they’ve put together a Christmas poem for you.  Yes, YOU!  Because they are so thankful that they can depend on you to spread the word about sea turtles!

Splashing through the pool

With healed flippers everywhere

Wishing you a Happy Yule

So thankful that you care!


When we hear the dinner bell ring

Or get all the medicine that we need

It simply makes us want to sing

Thank you for your good deeds!


Because if it weren’t for people like you

There’d be no lettuce clips for filling

We’d have no toys to meander through

How could we keep up with all the billing?


But thanks to your visits and your donations

We are happy, healing guys and gals

So here’s to a Christmas celebration

To thank our donors and pen pals!


The sea turtles at The Turtle Hospital sincerely hope you enjoyed their Christmas song.  And from all our patients and staff, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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