The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.

New Arrivals!

The newest patients to The Turtle Hospital both came in on December 10th. The day started with a call in from Captain Hooks Marina, where the staff spotted a lethargic turtle floating with a heavy amount of foreign growth on the skin and eyes. Turtle Hospital staff made the quick drive down the road to pick up ‘Captain Bumpy’ to check him in to rehabilitation.

Eric of Captain Hooks helps to load ‘Captain’ into the ambulance.

Initial exams of ‘Captain’ determined that his vision would be saved by precise surgical removal of tumors. First and foremost, Captain has been started on antibiotics and a healthy diet. Thank you to the great staff of Captain Hooks for helping with the rescue!

‘Dash’ was the second arrival brought to the hospital by Sue Schaf of FWC all the way from Biscayne National Park where two park rangers, Katie and Christina, noticed a turtle entangled in fishing line and suffering with the Fibropapilloma virus. Dash continuously ‘dashed’ away during the rescue but rangers were able to retrieve the turtle and untangle the front left flipper. The flipper is still extremely swollen but several types of medication are being used to bring back circulation. Initial assessments showed that Dash is in good body condition and has decent blood chemistry–hopefully meaning a speedy rehab! Thanks to the staff of Biscayne National Park!


Captain regains strength in shallow water.                Dash in deeper water to promote use                                                                                                                  of front flipper

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