The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.

New Patient “Emerald”


Tonight we welcome in Emerald, a 70 lbs. Green sea turtle. Emerald is emaciated and has a severely damaged/deformed shell, likely from a boat strike when she was younger. Horizon Divers: Scuba Diving, Key Largo, FL, heroically discovered and helped FWC rescue the sick turtle, as it was unable to dive underwater.


During their dive trip at Elbow Reef, Captain Troy was able to jump in and swim the lethargic turtle towards FWC Officer Scott Larossa’s boat. Larossa then drove the turtle to The Coast Guard Station, where we met up with the group to pick up the turtle… about teamwork! Thanks everyone that made Emeralds rescue possible! We can’t wait to get this skinny turtle some juicy squid!

emerald rescue

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