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Patient Total Reaches 43 Turtles!

Saturday February 8th, ended with two new turtles to add to our group. First, Stanley was rescued offshore of Key Largo by three guys out fishing; Leo, Austin, and CJ. They noticed a small turtle swimming in circles and trying to dive under the water but it was unable to go down. The small turtle looks to be filled with lots of intestinal gas after completing an x-ray which could be due to some foreign matter he had eaten or from infection. It appears Stanley had survived some kind of predator attack and he could be ill from surviving injuries like his missing flipper and wounds to his shell.



Foxy Brown was found struggling to breathe off of the seawall in Key West at mile marker 1. A good Samaritan called the Key West Wildlife Center and members Marlene and Tom were able to fish the turtle out. Unfortunately despite all of our efforts, Foxy Brown was so severely emaciated and weak that she passed away last night. The effects of the Fibropapilloma virus had become so severe that this turtle was already on its last legs. We are happy to report that Stanley is definitely expected to make a full recovery. Thanks for reading!

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