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Patti in Recovery

When Patti was rescued she was seen by residents on the ocean side of Card Sound Road, Key Largo. She was floating and the current quickly pushed her into a canal. She was struggling to swim, to lift her head for air, and soon became tangled up in mangrove roots. While she struggled the residents got some friends to help get a boat out to her and finally pull her up to safety. When the turtle ambulance arrived, Patti was waiting on the dock, under supervision, while she rested under the shade of an umbrella. She was very lethargic and her rescuers feared she might be blind due to large ulcers on both of her eyes. After an  ambulance ride back to the hospital, Patti’s x-rays revealed that she had pneumonia. After struggling for so long and being so lethargic that she could not fully lift her head for air, she most likely took water into her lungs.

Our Veterinarian, Dr. Mader, made a visit to examine her upon arrival and immediately addressed the eye ulcers, and prescribed antibiotic eye drops, as well antibiotics for the pneumonia.

We started fluids IV as she was also very dehydrated. Since Patti was in such critical condition and is still unable to stay in water without supervision, we set her up on a foam pad under a sprinkler system in a hospital tank. Since she also has lock jaw we are performing jaw stretches on her everyday, as well as supervised physical therapy in the water. Patti would like to eat food if she could, but until then we will continue to tube feed her to keep her strength up as she recovers. Rehabilitation staff is very hopeful that she will make a full recovery! Already her eye ulcers are looking better and she is more alert, responsive, and moves more than ever! We will continue to update you on Patti as she makes baby steps towards a full recovery!

Patti is depicted above on her cozy bed out in the rehabilitation enclosure. If you are so inclined, please send Patti good vibes to help her get better soon!

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