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Rescue, Surgery, Therapy and MRIs!

This holiday season has involved a lot of turtle procedures at The Turtle Hospital:

Seven days before Christmas, Burt and Kaleb brought to us… a turtle with fibropapillomas!

Burt and Kaleb brought us a juvenile green from next door at Tranquility Bay.  The turtle was floating lethargically and covered with FP tumors, so they drove out a few hundred yards on a jet ski and used our net to bring the turtle to our marina. They reminded us that people can be careful and concerned while driving PWCs!

Fourteen days before Christmas, little Timmy had surgery… to remove shards of plastic debris!

Dr. Doug Mader performed an invasive surgical procedure on Timmy’s GI tract to remove 3 pieces of plastic that had been discovered during an endoscope to check for internal tumors. Timmy has had a great recovery so far!

Nineteen days before Christmas, Daisy had some radiology… where we learned more about her brain’s biology!

Staff from The Turtle Hospital and Fisherman’s Hospital prepared Daisy for an MRI, which was followed by a CT scan.  Images showed an excess amount of fluid on the brain, for which Daisy is already undergoing treatment.

Six days before Christmas, Dr. Gerri used a cold laser… to reduce swelling on Dash’s flipper!

Dr. Gerri holds a cold laser to Dash’s flipper while Rehab Specialist Stacey Venzel restrains the turtle. Coupled with massages and special circulation ointment, the therapy is helping to reduce swelling from an entanglement.

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