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Stella Gets a Harness

After nearly 2 months at our hospital since her admittance, “Stella,” a 200-lb adult female Green sea turtle, continues to have buoyancy issues likely to due a past bout of pneumonia.  Previously on our website, we posted video footage of Stella’s bronchioscope (or, lung endoscope), which very clearly showed that one of the bronchial tubes to the lungs is significantly smaller than the other.  We believe this is the main cause of Stella’s listing behavior.  In order to ease the turtle’s struggle to swim linearly, we modified a weight belt to make a “floatie harness” for Stella.  Instead of acting as a temporary weight belt as it did for our big 330-lb permanent resident, O.D., the belt pockets house foam blocks.  Hopefully, with the right amount of foam, we can make this turtle’s stay in rehab a more peaceful, relaxing ordeal.  Whether or not Stella will have a full recovery is still up in the air at this point in time.  Her treatment plan will continue with antibiotics to fight off infection as we hope for the best.

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