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Steve, the Turtle Rescuer

A Florida Keys native, Steve Impallomeni, has spent years enjoying the waters aboard his own boat. Steve has come into contact with many turtles while out fishing or while on the reef, some healthy and some in need of help. He’s retrieved several turtles and helped get them to The Turtle Hospital, including his most recent, a turtle named after his friend that was covered in fibropapilloma tumors, ‘Dennis’. Dennis the turtle has already had two surgeries to remove some tumors and is now able to see and eat!

Steve, Dennis, and Dennis

Steve, Dennis, and Dennis

A few months back, Steve had one of the most unusual rescues while driving his boat through Loggerhead Basin. He noticed something below, looking like a turtle resting in a boat wreck. He doubled back and couldn’t believe his eyes because this big Loggerhead had managed to get his head stuck in the steering wheel of the boat wreckage!

213Steve was able to pull the turtle near and work for 15 minutes to work the large head free. The turtle quickly swam away and Steve retrieved the boat console. It is amazing that this turtle was able to swim around and breathe with this 25 lb. piece of wreckage attached to him! Thanks for your help Steve!


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