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Surgery Days

The past couple of days have been very busy with surgeries for Juvenile Greens with Fibropapilloma tumors. Two of these turtles, Curly and Augustus, previously had surgery to remove all of their FP tumors but recently had regrowths. Dr. Jackie of Marathon Vet Hospital came in to remove their regrowths and they are now tumor free, again! A turtle must stay tumor free for a one year period before being cleared for release, so we have just added these two turtles to a list of 13 young Greens that are in the yearlong countdown.

augustus amethyst

When Dr. Jackie was in on Tuesday to perform these surgeries, she also completed Amethyst’s first tumor removal surgery. Amethyst still has a few small tumors to go and is not quite tumor free yet. After a couple of weeks in recovery, she will undergo a final surgery to become tumor free.

dr molly dr jackie

Dr. Molly (left) and Dr. Jackie (right) use a laser scalpel to remove tumors.

Then on Wednesday, Dr. Molly from MVH was in to remove tumors from Chris and Emerald. Both of these turtles had an extensive amount of tumors removed but will require future surgery to become tumor free. Many lucky visitors were lucky enough to see the surgeries during their educational program! Thanks to Dr. Molly and Dr. Jackie for their great work!

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