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Timmy’s Tumor Free!

At the end of August 2012, a tiny Green named Timmy arrived at the hospital, found floating and debilitated from Fibropapilloma tumors. After a few weeks of strengthening, Dr. Mader completed an endoscope to look for internal tumors. While we did not find any tumors, a foreign object appeared to be lodged in the intestines which would need surgical removal. We also learned that little Timmy is actually a female!

Timmy arrives August 31, 2012

Timmy arrives August 31, 2012

After several surgeries performed by Dr. Mader, Dr. Kristin, and Dr. Jackie of Marathon Veterinary Hospital, all of Timmy’s tumors were removed using a laser scalpel. In addition to tumor removal surgeries, Timmy had a very invasive surgery to remove the foreign object that was embedded in the intestines. Once removed, we were able to see that the objects were small plastic fragments. Now that Timmy is tumor and plastic free, she will spend a full year at The Turtle Hospital for monitoring of tumor regrowths. She now spends her time out in our big pool getting plenty of exercise and lettuce until her release in early 2014!


Lookin’ good Timmy!

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