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Two More!

The Turtle Hospital received two new Green sea turtles in the evening of April 25, 2013 after being transferred from Volusia Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet, FL. At capacity there, these two juveniles were given a lift down to Marathon for treatment. ‘Estelle’ and ‘Creeper’ (for the way he creeps after his food), bring our total to 35 turtles currently undergoing care.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Estelle and Creeper were found lethargic, floating, emaciated, with many barnacles. Creeper had many large barnacles living on his carapace while on Estelle they had embedded in the skin of her flippers. Now removed and all cleaned up, staff is tempting the turtles with food in hopes of getting them to eat on their own. After working with Creeper for a couple of days, he has started to eat some filets of mackerel on his own. Estelle seems to only prefer nibbling lettuce leafs. With antibiotics, fluids, and wound care, we hope to get these turtles hydrated and healthy for release in the future.


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