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Unusual Help for Elena

On September 11, The Turtle Hospital had a visit from Dr. Troxel, a Florida Keys dentist, who helped repair a cracked turtle shell.

‘Elena’ was rescued in mid August from Key West by a lady named Marlene from the Save-A-Turtle organization. While looking for turtle nests, Marlene found a juvenile turtle washed up on the beach. The turtle had rope entangled around her flipper, a bad boat strike, and a few tumors. She brought the turtle to Tom Sweets of Key West Wildlife Center until transport could be made to our facility. Marlene decided to name the turtle after her daughter Elena who is always very lucky.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAElena was in critical condition for weeks where staff administered antibiotics, fluids, and provided daily tube feedings for nourishment. Elena was inactive and was unable to dive beneath the surface for almost a month. Recently, Elena began eating on her own and was able to dive down to the bottom of her tank. We then began focusing on the crack in the shell that needed to be stabilized to heal properly.

Fred Troxel, Bette Zirkelbach

Dr. Fred Troxel and Bette Zirkelbach, Turtle Hospital Manager, inspect Elena.

The Turtle Hospital reached out to Dr. Troxel for some help in adhering steel plates to the shell. Dr. Troxel used acrylic resin to attach orthopedic plates to hold the shell in place while the turtle moves or breathes. Elena’s wounds are healing very nicely and are treated daily using honey. We are very hopeful for a full recovery and release one day! Thanks Dr. Troxel!

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