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US Coast Guard Rescues “Corona”

On Friday afternoon, Turtle Hospital was alerted of a rescue mission going on just outside of Whale Harbor Marina in Islamorada. A Coast Guard vessel had spotted a Green sea turtle that was unable to dive. Despite the turtle’s efforts, it’s rear end would not go under the water.


After watching for a few minutes, they even noticed a bull shark circling just beneath the turtle! Acting quickly, they were able to catch the exhausted turtle and bring it aboard their vessel.

Officers Vogele and Balcerski help get Corona into the ambulance.

Coast Guard officials, Vogele and Balcerski, help get Corona into the ambulance.

Turtle Hospital staff was awaiting on shore and noted very poor vital signs upon first examination, but Corona was still alive. After a bit of medication and rest over the past 48 hours, Corona has perked up and become very active. Radiographs show an intestinal blockage and gas which explains why she is unable to dive. Lucky for Corona, she was saved from being a shark’s next meal! Thanks to Coast Guard officials Murguido, Clack, Leblanc, and Teague for rescuing her!


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