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Watch Good Hope’s Eggs Get Incubated!

Members of the Rehab team closely log Good Hope’s progress throughout the labor process on September 3.

As of 5:45 PM today, September 7, Good Hope has laid a total of 25 eggs.  We promised we’d keep you posted with daily updates, and today’s info offers you footage of the egg incubation process!  Click here to watch the video.  These ping-pong-sized balls must be placed delicately in the makeshift nest and then covered with sand to mimic the natural process.  In the wild, the female will use her rear flippers to move sand overtop the eggs after she has dug her hole and laid the clutch.

This still image of Good Hope’s ultrasound on September 3 shows the female is indeed laden with eggs. Look closely for the distinct spheres near the top of the image.

Hawksbills can have up to 150 eggs inside of them.  An x-ray yesterday showed us that Good Hope does have more eggs inside of her.  We know she is very weak due to the fact that her labor lasted multiple days instead of the couple hours that is typical of one clutch.  Because of this weakened state, it is extremely important that we get the remaining eggs out of her.  Today, we received the shipment of Vasotocin, the reptile-specific drug for labor induction.  Check in tomorrow for a report on how Good Hope responded to the injection!  Though the turtle remains in critical condition, we are working through the night and remaining as hopeful as possible.

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