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Welcome Stella!

On August 18, 2012, The Turtle Hospital received a call from a man named Bryan and his family who came across a large turtle floating on the surface near Cudjoe Key.  Stella, the rescued 177-lb. Green, has clearly had a hard life. Stella is severely emaciated, missing her right front flipper, missing a section of her left rear flipper, and has a chip in her beak.

The adult female Green was found floating on her left side and swimming in circles. An initial x-ray showed a dysfunctional right lung which explains the listing behavior. Initial assessments are currently on going with Stella but our first goal is to get Stella some much needed food. Stella has not been eating for weeks but has already eaten quite a bit of squid here at the hospital!

Stella’s old wounds to her flippers/beak have healed naturally and she will not require surgery as of yet. Some medication, calories, and plenty of rest will slowly but surely help Stella to feel like her old self. Stella has a long road ahead of her but we are lucky and thankful for the rescuers that saved her life!


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