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“Yertle” Checks Himself in to The Turtle Hospital!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA rare rescue was made on May 15th, when a turtle in trouble was spotted in the marina of The Turtle Hospital! Named ‘Yertle’, this turtle knew just where to go to get some help. The turtle was badly tangled in fishing line around the right front flipper and was missing it’s left front flipper (possibly severed due to entanglement). Rehab specialist Caitlin was able to snorkel out to the floating turtle and swim him in towards shore. The line had begun to cut through the bone of the right front flipper meaning Yertle did not have long to live. With exercise, a healthy diet, and different therapies including Cold Laser treatments, we hope to bring life back to his one front flipper. As long as Yertle has three healthy flippers, he can be released to the wild one day. Send some good thoughts Yertle’s way!

Click the link to watch his rescue:


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